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Spring MVC part 4

Spring_4. Hibernate one to many. In this fourth part, We will write about the Hibernate one-to-many relationship by means of our web app, that will be enriched of some new part. In detail, we will talk about the relationship among user and item. There’s a relationship one-to-many among the two entities because a user can…
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Spring MVC part 3

Spring_3. Hibernate CRUD operations. Ajax calls. In this third part, our tutorial we will provide the CRUD operations applied on user table through JPQL and Hibernate. Furthermore in the single jsp page, you will see three sections, where you can do CRUD operations, using ajax call to permit user navigate among records. [button text="read the…
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Spring MVC part 2

In this second part of our tutorial we will provide the integration of Hibernate into the project. First of all, we have to create the database. We chosen, as usual, MySql: it’s in general the most free and complete db over the market. We need to create a simple db to store information about some…
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Spring MVC part 1

Spring_1. Spring MVC. Maven. Eclipse. In this tutorial we provide a tutorial starting from vacuum to make a new spring- maven based project. The IDE tool to mangage the project is Eclipse. Asswuming that you have created a specific directory as your workspace, for instance /Users/ivan/Documents/workspace [button text="read the full article" link="" style="primary" size="normal" target="_blank"…
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SMS sender

The Siemencs mc 35 is a GSM GPRS modem with serial port communication , antenna and power plug. In this article we will provide a prototype schema to interface a the siemens mc 35 to the Fox board. An extremely simple manner is to make use of a serial-usb adapter, link the usb terminal to…
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Linux alarm system

This article provides a project to build a whole alarm system based on single computer board; the project architecture is based on the FOX board, as processing unit, and teh SX 16 (or upper) from AreaSX as sensor board. [button text="read the full article" link="" style="primary" size="normal" target="_blank" display="inline" icon="no"]  
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Numeric keypad

Numeric keypad. In the electronic board context, a numeric keypad is tipically imagined as a little square board with 16 keys, from 0 to 9 numbers, the * key, the # key and letter from A to D. Moreover on the lower part of the board there are the connections between the keys and the…
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 Astrobattle.       Adobe, with its AS3, allows you to develop apps that can be compiled for several operating systems, running on different devices. In our case Android and IOS. You can develop with Flash AS3 and compile for eitehr IOS or Android: Astrobattle is a little cross-platform game. It has been written…
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